Freelancers, unless blessed with sky-high confidence and self-esteem, will have a moment of self-doubt during their work day. In fact, I’ve had doubts about whether freelancing is for me during the following times:

  • In the run up to Christmas or a holiday, when ALL OF THE WORK needs doing beforehand. 
  • When dealing with a tricky client, and having no one to talk to face-to-face about it
  • When I’ve taken on too many clients, and I’m doing all of the hours
  • When times are quiet, and I’m scrambling to pay the bills
  • When chasing a client for a very overdue payment
  • When taking on a project that seems far too big and complicated for my skills

But y’know what? Doubts are normal. No one coasts along feeling 100% sure about anything. The key is how you feel the rest of the time. When I feel those doubts creeping in, I remember that 90% of the time I LOVE being a freelancer. When I was a full-time employee, it was closer to 30-40%.

Most of all though, go with your gut. If you have doubts but your gut says go for it, you’re doing the right thing. If you have doubts and your gut agrees, consider other options. Your gut is rarely wrong (unless you’ve had a curry the night before.)

Do you ever have doubts about freelancing?