Where do you usually come up with your best ideas? When hard at work at your desk? In a serious business meeting?

I don’t know about you, but my brain usually shifts into creative mode when I’m doing something else entirely. Places like:

  • The shower. Which is why I’m eyeing up this Aqua Notes notepad.
  • While driving. My best blog post ideas pop up in my head while driving. I used to jot it all down once I’d finished driving, but now I have Siri I can shout it out into a note.
  • At the gym. Hahahahaha….yeah, this doesn’t happen very often. When I’m not hating every second of it, an idea occasionally pops into my head.
  • At 3am. These ideas aren’t usually my best.

Point being, you need to take a break sometimes in order to be at your most creative. Get away from your desk and go have a little adventure. Spend time with people who inspire you, or make time to be on your own. Create a creative environment at home where you can relax and think. Switch off your tech. Try something new. Anything to free your brain up a bit.

There’s nothing better than getting a really good idea. Give yourself the chance to do that!

What are your top tips for getting creative?