It’s podcast time! Pop the kettle on, grab your favourite biscuits (hell, it’s summer, go get yourself a Mr Whippy) and have a listen to this week’s Freelancer’s Teabreak. “How to use Snapchat as a freelancer”:

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Despite not being a teenager or remotely interested in being sent d*ckpics, I’m a huge fan of Snapchat. Why, I hear you cry? Because it’s packed full of freelance-friendly features that can help you grow your network, learn lots of useful tips and give people a backstage look at what you do. All while sporting the most flattering filter I’ve ever seen (seriously, who needs make up when you can contour the hell out of your face in one tap).

Five Snapchat Favourites

Want to give it a try? Below are five of my current Snapchat favourites.


Amy is one of my favourite social media experts, and got me excited about Snapchat in the first place. Follow her for behing the scenes chat, top tips and occasionally puppy pictures.


BLWideas stands for baby led weaning, but Bethany shares so much more – from activities to do with kids to cooking tutorials.


String Story is one of the best examples of creating high quality content with themed days. I love her stuff (and she often does Snapchat takeovers).


Liza shares a mix of science and tech facts, from what looks like a tropical island. Also, she’s beautiful. Frankly, I should hate her, but her Snapchats are kind of brilliant.


WomenInTech is dedicated to putting the spotlight on a different woman in tech each day, handing the account over them to share tips and a day in their life.

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