Juggling being employed and self-employed

For the last year, I’ve been working part-time at my local students’ union as a web and social media co-ordinator. It’s not uncommon for a freelancer to have to take on employed work for a period of time, whether it’s when they’re starting out, need something a little more secure or simply miss office life. For me, it was a lot about being in a position where I could save for and get a mortgage with my other half. Mortgage companies won’t touch you if you’ve been freelancing/self-employed for less than three years.

So three days a week, I work in Reading in the communications department proving information for the student body. I’ve been really fortunate that the team I work in is lovely, and there are plenty of laughs to be had. A welcome change from my last office job, which was an awful bullying experience.

However, I’ve really missed freelancing full-time. I’ve missed the freedom of taking on projects I love, creating new projects and having control of what I do. I’ve missed blogging here. I actually like the sheer unpredictability of it  – you never know exactly what will happen each day. And I’ve come to realise that I’m not really suited to office life. My freelance experience has spoilt me for employed life, where I felt a bit restricted (mainly because I’m not in full control anymore. Control freak much?)

My freelance business has also been steadily growing, to the point that I’m getting up at 6 to fit in a blog post or two before work, then working until 9 most nights after work (and working most weekends) just to fit it all in. Exhausting.

Returning to freelance

So at the end of this month, I’m going back to freelancing full-time.

I’m nervous about doing it, as the freelance marketplace has got a lot tougher in the last year. Plus, now I have a mortgage to pay. But I’m also expanding into copywriting, and looking forward to some potential new projects and events (more of that to come in another post). And I’m a firm believer that you only achieve the things you want by taking a risk or two.

I’m excited about work again.

So, hopefully I’ll be able to post here some more. Is there anything you’d like to see me post about? Freelancing? Getting organised at home?

Have you switched between being employed and self-employed? How have you found it?