Last week, I ran a poll asking what your favourite bits of freelancing are. The two winning reasons were “Working on projects I’m passionate about” and “Working hours that suit me – whether they’re 9-5 or 5-1”, followed by  “Working from home” and “Trying lots of new and different projects and working with different people”. So it seems that working hours and project passion are the two reasons people become, and stay, freelance.

This week, to balance things out and show that it’s not all rosy, we’re going to look at the things in freelancing that irk us. It’s not all waking up when you want, taking long lunches and afternoon naps (in fact, if we did that every day we’d never get anything done!). Sometimes it can get lonely, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate and sometimes (usually around January when we have to pay our tax bills), it can get very, very stressful.

So, fess up: What do you find tricky about freelancing?

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