Last week’s poll was all about working hours and when you all work best. The results were quite interesting – with the majority not having a particular work pattern. Sometimes they work early, sometimes they work late. Next came the night owls, followed by the early risers and those that fit life around their family. No one voted for 9-5 (I guess that’s why we’re freelancers!)

I guess that goes to prove that freelancing is increasingly popular because you can choose which times you work best.

This week, I want to look at what your favourite bits of freelancing are. Most of us have multiple reasons for freelancing, whether it’s personal or professional, family-based or income-based, so it’s a multiple choice poll. Tick as many boxes as you like, then leave a comment telling me exactly why you love freelancing.

(Oh, and we’ll be looking at the crappy parts of freelancing next week. Thought I’d kick things off on a positive first…)

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