“When I go freelance, I’ll go to the gym three times a week at off peak times! And I’ll have time to make healthy meals and take long lunch breaks away from my desk, walking in the park….”

Hands up, who’s said something along those lines to themselves before going freelance (or if they’re considering going freelance)? Most of us go into freelancing with healthy intentions.

But then..well, some of us like to enjoy those little lie ins we gain from avoiding the morning commute.

And sometimes we don’t have time to nip to the shop for healthy food when we’re on a deadline, so we end up creating something from the fridge that mainly involves cheese and carbs. Or a vat of chocolate.

And a lot of the time, we’re a bit rubbish at taking those breaks from our desks.

Being healthy when you’re freelance is harder than you may think, when you lose the daily structure and movement that you might have in an office job. I don’t think I’m alone with noticing a little (ok, a lot) of freelance fat creeping on. It’s not impossible, but you really need to MAKE the time to be healthy. Especially as being unhealthy can make you less productive.

With wedding dress shopping coming up, I’ve actually taken desperate measure and got a personal trainer and healthy eating plan. But up until now, my exercise routine has been sporadic at best. My eating routine has been even worse – hello pasta at lunch. Oops, was that packet of Rich Teas full this morning?

For those that juggle freelancing and a family and STILL manage to fit in fitness, I take my hat off to you.

So, I’d love to know – is it just me? What’s your freelancing lifestyle like? Healthy? Unhealthy? Yo-yoing? Let me know in the poll below:

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