This week’s poll addresses a problem a lot of freelancers have: maintaining a work life balance. Funny really, considering how many people go freelance in order to work around their family or friends. But emails, flexible deadlines and varying workloads mean that it can be hard to tell where and when work ends and life begins.

I’ve talked in the past about how to improve work life balance. Whether it be outsourcing parts of your life, dealing with freelance fatigue or making sure you fit exercise into your freelance life. I suspect that very few of us manage to get that work life balance perfect, all the time.

But now it’s over to you! Let me know how you make sure you get work life balance  (you can choose multiple answers)- and if the option isn’t below, leave a comment below and share your balancing secrets.

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None of these? Let me know how you do it below!

(Image via Flickr user kowitz)