I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about how to get new business. Potential clients come from a range of areas for me – some through Google to my website, some through referrals, some through Twitter and some through my networking. The latter is something I certainly need to do more of, as I’ve been relying on referrals and my website in the past couple of months. Actively going out there and meeting people is certainly a proactive method, while I consider queries through my website or Twitter more reactive methods – even if I’ve specifically posted about work on Twitter or updated my Hire Me section.

I am by nature a very proactive person. If there’s a problem, I’d rather work on a practical solution rather than dwell too long on the problem itself. Realising that my current methods are mainly reactive made me realise I need to amend how I’m doing things. For my work, I need a mixture of proactive and reactive methods

So, my question this week is, do you have a proactive or reactive approach to freelancing? Or a mixture of the approaches? Which method do you reply on most? Let me know in the comments!

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