Linked In groups are a bit…well, stuffy really aren’t they? Full of cocky hardcore sales types promoting their businesses and trying to persuade you to buy their product or service right now. Not all groups obviously, but a lot of the ones I’ve tried have been filled with those types.

(Y’know, the type of people you avoid in real life networking events because they have a tendency to ram their business card down your throat? And the types that call Twitter ‘Twatter’ and laugh heartily at their ‘original’ joke.)

This is pretty much why I’m awful at spending time on the groups networking (even if it’s on my list of things I Should Be Doing).

Anyway, not to get all ‘my group is better than your group’, but the Homeworkers UK group is a lovely group full of friendly people who are quite happy to just chat. No sales script here. For homeworkers, it’s like Twitter but without the character limit. And if you work from home, it’s a pretty great place for sharing problems and ideas and getting feedback. So far, we’ve chatted about our favourite bits about working from home, how to juggle freelancing and family and why we chose to go freelancing.

Off the back of the success of this group, a few sub groups have been formed – and I’ll be moderating the ‘Freelancers’ subgroup. So, if you want to go somewhere other than Twitter to chat about freelancing and the joys and perils of working for yourself, come join!

Do you get involved with LinkedIn? Or only log in when someone has requested to be a contact?