November Workshop: How to price your packages, featuring Sally Farrant

19th November at 12Noon








Pricing. It’s tricky. How do you hit that sweet spot between undercharging and overcharging?

Luckily, Sally Farrant is joining me this month with the answers for how to price your packages so you sell them with confidence, and get smart about earning more in your business, and taking more money home. 

In this workshop, Sally will teach you how to:

1) Know how much it costs per hour to run your business

2) Know how to price your packages and have the tools to do it again

3) Have the conversation with your clients about changing your pricing 

This is going to be a really practical session, so bring your notebook.

There are two ways you can access this training:

Pay a one-off payment of £29 for the training

Which also gets you access to the recording after. 


Join the Freelance Business Lounge for £25 a month

Which gets you access to each monthly training including this one, all the Freelance Business Lounge templates, checklists, discounts and legal contracts AND the private Facebook group where we have twice weekly calls, accountability sessions and 90 day goal planning sessions.

Who are Sally and Emma?

Emma Cossey

I’m a career and life coach for freelancers, i.e. the person who can help you figure out all of the freelance life stuff. I’m all about useful hacks, processes and templates to make life easier.

You can find more information on my website

Sally Farrant

I set up Business Growth by Numbers in order to give businesses clarity around their numbers, and to enable flexibility around a young family. I’m a married mum of 2 boys aged 7 & 5. Life can be a bit crazy at times!

You can find more information on my website


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Pitch Tips

Organise a ‘drop-in’ session in a coffee shop, where people can get 10-15 minute consultations, in exchange for the price of a coffee.
Find a Twitter chat for your area or industry and get involved!
Jump on Instagram Stories and record an introduction story to add to your Highlights.
Share a testimonial on your social media channels.
Ask for testimonials from clients, either with an e-mail template or through LinkedIn.
Update your Google My Business listing, and download the My Business app to update it regularly.
Ask your clients to review your business on Google My Business.
Share a ‘thought-leadership’ post on LinkedIn. More eyes on your content, more eyes on your profile!
Make a note of all the promotion days in the Facebook groups you’re in, and create an eye-catching graphic or photo for them.
Offer to add clients to a monthly newsletter where you update on news relevant to them (and the services you have that can help them with it!).
Offer clients and past clients a referral bonus. This could be a £10 Amazon card, a complimentary hour of your services or a small % off their next invoice.
Pitch yourself to podcasts as a guest.
Write a list of 10 companies you’d love to work with, and follow them on social media. Interact! Build a relationship. Then pitch.
Follow the #journorequest on Twitter for PR opportunities.

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