I can’t remember the last time I used my landline phone at home. I haven’t added it to the phone number section of a form for years, and I jump out of my skin when it actually rings (inevitably a call from my mother or mother-in-law). Since the popularity of mobile phones, the home phone has taken a backseat.

Until I gave the Panasonic KX-PRW120 phone a try.

This stylish cordless phone is packed full of features that make it ideal for a freelancer. The biggest perk being that you can sync it up with your smartphone (using an app), so that you can answer calls from your landline when you’re out and about. This is excellent if you don’t want to give out your mobile number, and want to give the impression of being a ‘proper business’ by having a landline number. There’s also a conference call function that I haven’t used yet (mainly because I often use Google Hangouts and Skype) but I can see a benefit.

Voicemails are covered too, with a text arriving on your phone when you get one (as long as you’re in the same Wi-Fi zone). You can use your smartphone as an extra handset, although that seems an awful shame – the stylish large 2.2” TFT colour LCD screen makes it a really nice phone to use. There’s even a baby monitor feature.

There is one downside – the app (if left running) drained my iPhone battery very quickly. If I was being picky, I’d also say that you have to be slightly careful when placing the phone back in the cradle as it’s easy to miss it. However, as I’ve mainly been using my smartphone instead of the handset, this hasn’t been a big problem.

Like the sound of the Panasonic KX-PRW120? You can pick it up on Amazon for £89.99.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Panasonic KX-PRW120 to try for free, however I was not paid for the post and all views are my own.