Well, it’s been a long time coming, but my 30 Day Freelancing Challenge is now available as an eBook thanks to Nikki Pilkington. And until Monday, it’s only £4! (It’ll go up to £8 then). It’s aimed at helping anyone who wants to escape the rat race set themselves up as freelance – and, as the name would suggest, it takes place over 30 days.

Nikki has a wide range of 30 day challenges for all sorts of online services, including, Facebook, Google+ and blogging. You can find all her challenges here, and my freelancing challenges here.

With rather excellent timing, this infographic landed in my inbox from PolicyBee. If you’re curious about freelancing, this gives a pretty good overview.

Freelancers on freelancing – Policy Bee
Infographic by PolicyBee Insurance

Oh, and if you enjoyed the 30 Day Challenge, I might be working on another one in the future…