Facebook QuestionsFacebook has recently relaunched their Questions feature, and this time it’s popping up on the Facebook fan pages. Essentially, this means you can ask your fans a question in poll format, alongside publishing a status, sharing a link or adding photos and videos.

As an interactive tool, the Questions feature could benefit a lot of growing pages. Getting fans interacting with your page in the first few months is tough as hell, so anything that helps nudge them in the right direction is worth a try.

Additionally, they can add their own suggestions and share it with their friends.

Stuck for ideas on what to ask your fans? Here’s a few suggestions.

  • Ask them what their favourite product is.
  • Ask them how they prefer to get in contact.
  • Ask them if they’ve tried your product or service (could lead to some interesting results)
  • Kick off a debate about a news piece that relates to your business.
  • Ask what kind of promotions/deals they’d like to see.
What do you think about the integration of Questions into Facebook pages?

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