StockholmEver since I had Oscar, the bulk of my online business is run from my iPhone or iPad. I thought it might be useful to share a few of the workflows I have in place to make creating, sharing and organising content easier – whether you have a little one or work on the go.

First up, blog posts.

Step 1: Draft it out

Since becoming a mum, I’ve fully embraced drafting up either the bare bones of a post or the full post in Evernote on my phone or tablet. For example, with this post I brainstormed lots of blog post ideas that I really want to write, then create a draft format to help me flesh them out. You don’t have to use Evernote, Google Drive and WordPress’s own app are great), but I’ve found it the easiest to use with Siri.
Using Siri is a game changer when it comes to writing posts now. I use it to transcribe by speaking into it using this button.
(You can also use the record audio button to record it as an audio file and either turn it into a podcast or send it to someone on Fiverr to transcribe for you)
I also use it to Google for other useful links or information.
Step 2: Create your image
Once I’ve drafted the blog post, I’ll switch to the Canva app on my iPad to create an image for the post. If I’m on my phone and just want a simple text image, I’ll use Instaquote. I get a lot of my images from Picjumbo (you don’t need to credit the images and they’re free) or buy them on Etsy or CreativeMarket if there are any great bundles.
Step 3: Publish
It’s perfectly possible to then take your post text and image and pop them into the WordPress app and hit publish. I have to confess though that I like to have a quick look at how it looks on a computer before I hit publish. If you’re like me and have a habit of forgetting to take the next step, schedule it on the app, and then check it on your laptop before it goes live.
Step 4: Promote
Finally, I have IFTTT recipes set up to promote it across social networks. One for Facebook, one for Pinterest and one for Google+. Once it’s live, I’ll also use Buffer to share it across Twitter a few times and into a few of my groups if relevant.

Do you blog from your phone or tablet? Any apps you’d love to share? Leave them in the comments below!