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One of the things I’ve loved doing on the work front since my little boy came along, is podcasting. It’s a super-easy way to create content, and I often sit with my headphones in recording one while he’s napping or quietly feeding. I was struggling a little with the editing and uploading side of creating a podcast and briefly considered paying to outsource it, but I’ve now found a workflow that means I can record, edit, upload (to Soundcloud and iTunes) and blog about a podcast in just 15 minutes – all from my phone! Hit play above to watch my Periscope for how I do it, and have a look below at the resources you’ll need to do this.

p.s my Freelancer’s Teabreak podcasts are just 3 minutes long, so you may need to adjust your timings if yours are longer. The editing, uploading and blogging stages really can take just ten minutes though once you’ve practised. Frankly, starting up Garageband on my Mac can take that long alone. You can listen to my podcast on Soundcloud, or subscribe on iTunes.

The steps you’ll need:

  • The Opinion app to record and edit podcasts. I’ve been looking for an app for ages that did this (I find Garageband really difficult to use on my iPhone), and this ticks all the boxes.I record my podcast in this, then trim it down and import in my intro which I had recorded by the lovely Reddhorrocks on Fiverr.
  • IFTTT recipe to upload to Soundcloud from Dropbox. Once I’ve recorded and edited my podcast in Opinion, I upload it to a specific folder in Dropbox. All new audios in this folder then get automatically uploaded to Soundcloud. You will need to go into Soundcloud and tweak it a bit, but it helps to save the Opinion file with the name of your episode.
  • Instructions for how to connect your Soundcloud and iTunes accounts so your podcast goes up on both. So when I add a file to the specific Dropbox folder, it uploads to Soundcloud which updates iTunes too (usually within 5-10 minutes)
  • IFTTT recipe to create a draft in WordPress with your Soundcloud embed code. This one still requires a little further tweaking, but it’s great to create a draft you can go in and further edit.

Are you tempted to podcast? Or do you already have one? Share your link in the comments below as I’m always keen to hear about other podcasts.

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