Today’s #30dayblog challenge is to write about how I started in the blogging industry. I have a feeling I’ve written about this before, so apologies if I have. (I actually feel a bit of a tool writing these sorts of posts, as I don’t imagine they’re particularly interesting, but that’s the challenge I guess!)

So, here’s a brief overview of my employment history…

Age 20: A year of IT telemarketing and reception duties as part of my business degree – Um, learnt the lesson of persistence. Also, the importance of a very thick skin. Wore a suit lots, and memorised the sales pitch for a CRM solution. Looked forward to Monday mornings thanks to a lovely group of people who worked there.

Age 22: A year in recruitment – Made wonderful friends, learnt a lot about organisation, processes, persuasion and interviewing. But confirmed that cold call sales techniques are not my bag. Felt ok about Monday mornings.

Age 23: Nine months in HR – Learned how to think before I speak (um, even if I don’t always put it into practice). Dealt with payroll. Chased builders. Bit of a confidence-killer this job, but it’s actually the job that made me determined to find a career I’m genuinely passionate about. Didn’t look forward to Monday mornings.

Age 24: Left my job just after my birthday, after saving up for months. Then did two things that made a huge impact. Firstly, I picked up Dude, Where’s my Career, which changed the way I looked at approaching my career. Secondly, I joined Twitter.

On Twitter, I started following the blogs I loved at uni (Shoewawa and Catwalk Queen) and discovered brand new brands like Wahanda. I got chatting and networking with people I could only have dreamed of meeting in real life. I learned that you could actually make a career from blogging.

A month or two in, two tweets popped up asking for interns. I applied, figuring it was a great way to fill my CV with some experience. After several months, I went forward for the role of editorial assistant role with Katie at Miramus. Got the job. Finally discovered job satisfaction and ambition.

Two years on and I’ve written for more than a dozen blogs, including several of the blogs I used to read as a student. The zero confidence I had on leaving my job in HR has gradually increased. Learnt a lot from jobs I’ve loved and jobs I haven’t.

And I actually look forward to Monday mornings now.

That’s my story, what’s yours? Let me know in the comments!

This post is the 14h in a series of 30 for the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. See other 30 Day Blogging Challenge posts here.

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