One of the most common questions I get is “How do you get a job in blogging?”

The thing is, I don’t think there’s a sure fire way of getting a job in blogging. I’m still convinced that I’ve got this job through a mix of luck, cheekiness and a hard working attitude. The skill thing? I’m still not convinced I have it. Particularly when I look at my contemporaries who have journalism degrees and perfect grammar.

But, to try and answer the question, here are a few of the things I did to become a full time blogger.

  • Blog! Sounds obvious, but I have spoken to people who want to get into blogging, but have yet to set up their own blog. It’s the best way to showcase your work and prove how serious you are about being a blogger.
  • Take on some free blogging work. It’s great experience for your CV and may well lead to paid work. Just don’t give all your work away for free! You can always sign up with sites like Demand Studio to get some experience, editor feedback and a bit of income.
  • Take on feedback. Then act on it. Negative feedback can be a bit of a kick in the gut, but knowing your learning from it helps.
  • Keep an eye on It’s one of those sites where you have to sift through a lot of low paid jobs, but occasionally you’ll find a gem that will get your blogging career going.
  • Register with Journalism, Gorkana and ProBlogger.They all occasionally advertise for good blogger jobs.
  • Get on Twitter. More often than not, people will tweet about a vacancy before they advertise it. Tweeting that your available for blogging work is another way to pick up potential work.
  • Always keep an eye out for opportunities. Whether it’s a family friend who has just set up a business, a local business with little social media presence or a gap in the market for a niche blog.

I guess becoming a full time blogger is about building up a client base over time, and retaining as many of them as possible.

Do you know any great resources for finding blogger jobs? Please do share them in the comments!

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