A quick post this morning before this afternoon’s post on Christmas gifts for freelancers and those working from home.

Google+ has launched Communities, where you can create areas to chat and discuss with similar types. I’ve created two communities this morning – one for Freelancers and one for UK Bloggers. My intention is to make them places people can happily post questions, useful info and debates. It’s similar to Facebook, but I often find Facebook is limited to those you know or friends of friends, whereas Google+ communities are a little more open.

So, why not join and get involved? I know Twitter is great for discussions, but quite often things can get lost in the noise.

While you’re on Google+, why not try out some of the following:

  • Adding your blog links to your profile
  • Try a hangout (Check out the Digital Q&A I do with a couple of friends for an example of how you could use it)
  • Have a look at some of the events. There are some great live Q&As and Hangouts you can view (but don’t have to get involved with) going on.
  • Check out Google Local for info on your local area. You can leave reviews too!