Looking for some last minute gifts for the freelancer in your life? May I suggest one of the following….

Amazon Prime

Amazon is like freelance crack. If it’s not books, it’s stationery and box sets and desk storage and shoes and….well, anything and everything. So an Amazon Prime subscription, which gives the recipient next day delivery on their orders, is a perfect way to enable them.

iTunes gift cards

Get a freelancer an iTunes gift card, and they can download all their favourite magazines onto their iPad or iPhone. What more could a freelancer who travels a lot want?

Not Another Bill

The thing about everything being digital, is that most things that drop through your letterbox will be bills, spam or (on a good day) an Amazon package. Not Another Bill aims to add a little happiness to your post, with a handpicked gift every month. The kind of gifts that guests squeal over when they see them.

Audible membership

Audiobooks are brilliant for freelancers, both those who travel a lot and those that like to have something on in the background that provides a little more education than the jabberings of Fearne Cotton on Radio 1. I get the vast majority of my audiobooks from Audible, as I have a subscription with them. The unfortunate thing is their gift system in the UK seems to be down at the moment. If you’re in the USA though, it seems like you can still gift an Audible membership.