As it’s February, the month of love, I figured it would be good to throw some love stuff out there. There have been a few things I’ve been loving recently, so rather than write a few short posts, I’ve lumped them all in together.

I’m efficient/lazy like that…


Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish – I’ve fallen desperately behind on my Bloglovin’ subscriptions, and now tend to rely on Facebook for keeping up to date with my favourite blogs. Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish is one of the few blogs that I *always* click through to. Laura’s blog is all about healthy, clean eating, and she shares a day in her life each week. As a freelancer, it’s great to see how healthy living can fit in to a busy working day, plus I love having a nosy at other people’s meals.

One Man Band Accounting – Regular readers will probably know about Rosie from One Man Band Accounting. She offers a variety of accounting services and ebooks to help people like us, freelancers and small businesses, to get on top of our finances. I’m not particularly amazing at keeping on top of money matters, but Rosie’s blog posts give me the nudge I often need. This post on Tax & Money Essentials for Freelancers was particularly handy.

Plus, she sends clients cake.


Marie Forleo – Marie’s videos have been on my subscription list for a few years now, but a couple of her more recent ones have been particularly interesting. I loved this one about how to get the most out of your To Do list.

Emily and Elizabeth – I’m off to see Emily Jayne and Elizabeth Sellars this weekend for a catch up and an assortment of blogger cliches (cake, tea and Instagram). In the meantime, I’ve been catching up with a few of the videos they’ve been recording together, like the Valentine’s Day tag below.


The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness – I have a soft spot for psychology books, and I loved The Chimp Paradox. It’s based on the principle that your brain is split into different personas, and the ‘chimp’ part has a tendency to rule – even though it’s the less intelligent, more emotional part. If you tend to find yourself struggling to focus, maintain self discipline or just get stuff done, I’d highly recommend getting this.

As They Slept – As They Slept is a series of non-fiction books that prove that a lot can be achieved in a commute to and from work. Andy Leeks writes a new chapter every day during his train commute, in a bid to prove a friend wrong. If Andy can write several ebooks during his commutes, what’s stopping you from making plans for your freelance business during yours?

What things are you loving in February?