It’s podcast time! Pop the kettle on, grab your favourite biscuits (hell, it’s nearly the weekend, cut yourself a huge slice of cake) and have a listen to this week’s three minute Freelancer’s Teabreak. “Episode #28: Are you a tired freelancer? Identifying the energy vampires”:

This is one I’m keen to share as I know a lot of freelancers suffer from up and down energy levels. I know quite often there might be medical reasons behind it – but it can also be down to an emotional block of putting something off. And that doesn’t benefit you or anyone else. Pour yourself a cuppa and find out how putting stuff off can make you feel drained.

Are you avoiding a mental freelance block? If you’re not sure how to deal with it, book a free 15 minute chat with me to see how coaching could help you tackle them, and have more energy to focus on your business.

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