One of the things I discovered about freelancing, is that it’s given me a constant thirst for knowledge (something that I sadly missed at school when education was, y’know…free).  When you run your own business, you realise that the continued success of your work relies on you and your skills/knowledge, so learning becomes as essential as making sales and networking.

So the idea of mylearningworx appeals. It’s a hub where users can buy, sell and create learning online. If you’re a fan of using YouTube to learn, this should be right up your street. The site is packed full of professionally developed elearning courses, but you can also create your own courses. If you go down the create route, you can give it away for free, or sell it. Handy if you want a little extra revenue stream. Currently, there’s very little in the lifestyle/craft section, so plenty of opportunities there for my more crafty freelance friends.

It’s currently in beta at the moment, so if you’ve got a course in mind you might want to jump on board now. I’ve been looking to do more products in 2013, so this really takes a lot of the work out of it for me. It’s the first of its kind in the UK, and hopefully its success in the USA will be replicated over here.

What would you like to create a course in?