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Looking for some reading material for the weekend? Here are five posts that might be of interest:

Making the Leap From Full-Time to Freelance – Freelance Switch

I love reading about how people get into freelancing, so this post looking at the experiences of a photographer and an editor  is worth a nosy if you’re the same. A big lesson from these case studies is that you can’t just jump into freelancing without building some form of base first – whether it be a portfolio of experience or committing to a client or two first.

110 ideas to get more freelance work and generate new client leads – Freelance Switch

Does exactly what it says on the tin. A lot of it is common sense with some great suggestions for new freelancers, but also a few more unusual ideas for those who are more experienced. Especially like the sections on ‘Be an Industry Expert’ and the ‘Industry Specific Ideas’.

Job Seeker turns Pinterest board into CV – Simply Zesty

One for freelancers and job seekers – and an interesting take on how Pinterest can be used in new and creative ways. The image above shows how Jeanne has laid her boards out to showcase her skills and experience. Smart!

Rantbot : Freelancers end long payment periods now! – Freelance Advisor

Great post by Rantbot about long payment periods. This is a big bugbear for me, as I spend quite a bit of time chasing payments. I never commit to anything longer than a 30 day payment period, but 60-90 day payment periods are common – especially for magazines or newspapers (understandable for some where they’re working a few issues ahead). I do find it an odd practice in general though – why is it ok to delay payments to freelancers but not employees?

How do you feel about long payment periods?

Death by Desk Job: How to Fight It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sitting behind a desk all day isn’t the greatest thing for your health. Print out this infographic and stick it on your wall to remind you to take regular breaks and do these desk exercises.

Get fit at your desk

 What links have grabbed your interest this week?