Today’s post is a guest post from Warren Wooden, who regular readers might have spotted making the occasional comment on here. Warren has been a successful freelance blogger for a year now, and has kindly agreed to share what he’s learnt in the last year.

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I just want to start by saying thank you to each and every blogger out there spending the time and energy to post tips, tricks, and knowledge in the hopes of helping others to accomplish their goals. The online community can seem to some at first glance a wide open unconnected place where everyone struggles to build their own brand, and carve out their own niche on the web, but in reality all those who choose can reach out and connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time regardless of location, time zone, color, or even experience level.

It is because of this generosity of spirit and knowledge that I am able to work from home and earn a living online which in turn allows me more time with my family and friends. Everything I’ve learnt stemmed from something someone else taught freely, or from those questions someone else asked that I was able to answer, or inspired me to come up with the answer.

It is just in the last few years that blogging has become more popular, and a small portion of these bloggers were successful enough at it to quit their jobs and go at it full time. For those already working from home I don’t have to tell you of the challenges that need to be faced or the perks that you get to enjoy, but I’m sure you’d agree it’s all worth it in the end.

I myself have just entered my second phase, or second year of my blogging career. Unlike some I didn’t work up to quitting my job and building my blog on the side. I only had about a month head start, and then jumped in with both feet. I also just finished my very first interview with a writer turned friend over in Winnipeg Canada, and was thrilled at doing it because it made me look at the big picture that was the past year, and truly see what I’d been able to build for myself. If you’d like to read the interview it can be found on his blog here.

I want to share with you the advice I wish I had read somewhere when I was starting out or even partway through. There are a lot of challenges to be faced and overcome, but I want you to know that no matter how hard they seem, or how out of your comfort zone they fall, you can do it!

Setting blog goals

The very first piece of advice I’d give is this, set out all the goals that are important to you. Write them down, spend the day, or even the week researching the different blogs already out there and jot down the aspects you like about them, and even those you don’t. (you can avoid using those on your site) If you don’t know what it is you want, you’ll end up with whatever you happen into and chances are you won’t be happy with the results. Know where you’re going, and how you plan to get there!

“Goals that are not written down are just wishes”

Keep going!

Don’t give up, don’t listen to those who tell you it’s impossible, and don’t tell yourself it’s impossible. While the blogging lifestyle can provide you with a ton of freedom and time for yourself, and your family it’s important to remember that you set your pay check with your creativity and drive. The beginning is the hardest part, but also the most exciting. Stay true to your course, and if something isn’t working find a new route to take you to those goals you wrote out for yourself.

“He conquers who endures” ~ Perseus

Play to your strengths! 

If you are an amazing writer, but couldn’t search engine optimize a landing page to save your life, then write your way to success. Find someone great at SEO, but who perhaps isn’t as great at writing, and offer an exchange of services. Money isn’t the only commodity online.  Look honestly at your skillset, and then choose those that you would learn and spend a portion of your day learning that skill. The others that don’t interest you, or are simply not a good use of your time should be outsourced to someone whose passion is that skill.

“Play to your strengths and outsource the rest” ~ Warren Wooden

Learn, learn, learn

Always be learning – Unless you are the ultimate Guru in your chosen field, I’d suggest setting aside a portion of your work day toward learning something new or enhancing knowledge you already have. It’s this thirst for knowledge that will help keep you in front of the pack, and ahead of the other bloggers. Much of our industry changes regularly.  (Take SEO for example)

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge” ~ Thomas Berger

Content is king

Always be Creating – There is a buzz phrase going the rounds of the internet that states that “content is king” and the simple truth is… it is! The more content you can create in the form of quality posts, quality guest posts, quality products to offer for sale, the more valuable your blog will become. It’s also a great way to get those visitors we all love to have stop by from time to time!

“I like creating images” ` Kate Moss (model)

Warren Wooden is the owner and CEO of PLR Internet Marketing. If you’re an entrepreneur, or would perhaps like to learn how make money online, through internet marketing, blogging, or affiliate marketing, please stop in for a visit, or to grab your free copy of his 79 page e-book. 

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