Hayley WintermantleTell us a bit about you!

Hi I’m Hayley Wintermantle, based currently in the UK but moved around the world a few times! I’m a coach, facilitator and career catalyst who challenges unfulfilled individuals to discover who they are, what lights them up so that they can find the role or business that maximises their strengths and allows them to make their true impact.

How long have you been freelancing, and why did you start?

November 2014 although always knew it’s the route for me, just had to find the strength to make the final leap!

[themify_quote]Often my inspiration comes just before bed… When creativity sparks I grab it!”[/themify_quote]

Let’s talk about the start of your day – are you an early riser, or a night owl?

A bit of both really. Some days I like a little lie in, especially as often my inspiration comes just before bed. However I tend to be most productive either super early in the morning or last thing into the small hours… let’s just say I go with the flow! When creativity sparks, I grab it!

Do you work from home?

Yes or coffee shops, friend’s homes as I travel as much as possible, that’s why I created a 100% online business so I can work from anywhere. I’m not a fan of routine and get seriously itchy feet!

What’s your working routine before you start work?

Always meditation! 15 minute sourcing meditation which clears my mind and really focuses me for the day. Then I list out what I want to get from the day, not just work-wise but really how I want to feel and the actions that will get me there.

[themify_quote]I list out what I want to get from the day, not just work-wise but really how I want to feel and the actions that will get me there.”[/themify_quote]

Do you take a lunch break?

I love a good lunch break. After living in France and Italy for around 5 years I’ve come to appreciate the importance of a long lunch. Cooking and preparing it relaxes me and so refreshes me for the afternoon, which is easily my least productive time!

How do you tend to spend your afternoons?

Trying to be productive!

How do you keep motivated? Do you have any particular techniques?

I always make sure that I’ve got non-business related things in my day, whether that’s exercise, learning Italian (which I get for everyone may not sound like fun!) reading, meeting friends, etc. That way I’m focused when I’m working and using the other parts of my brain when I’m not! Oh and music, the louder the better!

Tell us – what’s your favourite thing about freelancing?

Freedom, flexibility and that I get to work with the people who believe what I believe.

And your least favourite thing about freelancing?

Sometimes you can feel alone so it’s key to keep checking in with people who support you and can help in those hair-pulling moments.

Where can we find you online?


Super excited to be launching an online programme to help those stressed out, frustrated and stuck in mediocrity discover what lights them up and find work or a business that allows them to make their impact in the world.


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