Just a quick post today to let you know about a special offer I’m running on my coaching packages this month.

As I turned 33 earlier this month, I’m offering 33% off any of my freelancer coaching packages booked this month (taking place on Skype).

This includes:

  • One off 90 minute session: £76.23 rather than £99. This is perfect when you have one thing in mind to deal with, or you’re looking to get out of a rut.
  • Half day session: £151.69 rather than £197. This one is ideal if you want a focused brainstorm for your business.

Coaching Testimonials

Here’s what others have said about my coaching:

“Emma is a sensitive and practical coach. She balances the sessions with teasing out the crux of a situation by asking insightful questions, with tips and tricks and ideas that help you solve blocks yourself. Emma has worked as an employee and also, as she is now, as an established freelancer. Knowing both sides of the fence gives her an immense credibility which coupled with her boundless wisdom and suggestions makes you feel nothing is impossible. I would highly recommend Emma as a professional coach to anyone wanting to bring success into their lives.” – Susie Boutal

“After just an hour with Emma I had clarity on where I was taking my business and an action plan to help me get it there. She gave me loads of ideas and helped me take a fresh look at what I was doing, as well as giving me motivation to get there” – Laura Agar Wilson

“Emma is the first person I go to to talk about anything, whether it’s work, personal, or utterly random. She is a great sounding board whenever I need to vent, she has SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE that she is always happy to share and her practical approach always helps me calm down and identify exactly what’s getting in my way (and what I should do next). It’s unreal the amount that talking to Emma helps me live life. More than anything, she has helped me to believe in myself. She is always there, always kind, always encouraging and I LOVE HER.” – Daire Charlotte Paddy

“Emma’s coaching sessions bring so much clarity to any project in such a short amount of time, I honestly don’t know how she does it. She basically helped me get my passive income stream up and running within half a day, AND busted through some business blocks in my client Work too! She’s also a super supportive coach long after the session ends and has helped me so much by being my cheerleader. I adore Emma!” – Leanne Rice

Sound good? Send me a message and we’ll get you booked in!