One of my favourite things about working from home, aside from elasticated waist trousers and not having to enter into excessive small talk, is having an excuse to buy stuff for my home office. Even if those purchases are sometimes a little frivolous.

Here are a few of the things on my wishlist, ranging from practical gadgets to impractical stationery that makes me smile.  I’d love to know what you’re yearning for in the comments below!


  • iKettle is a kettle that you can turn on with your phone. Firebox, £99.99.
  • Tea Display box. Justifies me spending more on fancy tea. NOTHS, £29.99.
  • Vitapens Highlighters. As if highlighting stuff wasn’t fun enough. IWOOT, £6.99.
  • Bunny in the field paper clips storage. I don’t even use paper clips. IWOOT, £10.
  • Leitz Complete Multicharger for Mobile Device. So I don’t break my neck on a million cords. Amazon, £54.99.

Go on, tell me what’s on your wishlist at the moment!