4 week pitching challenge

Hello freelancer!

I’ve had this challenge for a while, and I’ve shared it on social media a few times, but I wanted to share it here too. Sometimes we just need a structured format to get the ball rolling again!

Finding clients can be a really tricky challenge, and we all have times where work goes quiet. This 4 Week Challenge is packed full of bitesized ideas for how to find new clients, from emailing your contacts to just making sure your social media profiles are showcasing what you do.

I’m really passionate about making freelancing work for you, and I don’t believe you should have to go in hard with heavy sales techniques to land your next client. So you won’t find any cold calling or manipulative techniques here. Just relationship building, admin and getting visible (don’t worry fellow introverts, you can do it in a way that works for you!) 

This planner is designed to guide you through some small tasks you can do every day to boost your business and get new clients. It’s split into five sections – plan, testimonial, pitch, social and admin. Pitching doesn’t always have to be about putting yourself out there. Sometimes the most important thing to do is to leave a comment on Instagram, share an update on LinkedIn, or just drop a previous client a message to say you saw something they might be interested in. 

This is a great kickstarter, but if you really want to develop a finding clients strategy that fits into your freelance life without leaving you overwhelmed, I have lots more for you in the How To Find Clients bundle!

This bundle will teach you:

How to create a system that makes finding clients feel effortless (90 minute training)
How to create a client pipeline
How to identify your ideal client
How to match your services to their needs
How to sum up your services in a sentence
How to use freelance bidding sites
How to prepare for and excel at networking
How to use LinkedIn to boost your business
How to create a pitching document
How to set up a newsletter that could win you clients
How to set up your terms and conditions
How to onboard a client
How to spot client red flags

Plus there’s a couple of templates in there for Trello and Notion to keep you on top of things and tracking!

Interested? Just click on the image below.