Hands up, who made New Year’s resolutions to give their blog a kick-start this year?

*Raises hand*

Everyone knows New Year’s resolutions don’t really start until February though. Right? (Along with Frugal February. Obviously)

Here’s what I’ve done instead of blogging here.

  • I got engaged to Pete on Christmas Day (that’s us on the right). If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, you’re probably bored silly of me discussing dresses and buffet food. Mainly the latter. Who doesn’t want a freakin’ pie on a stick? (above ). So I’ll try not to talk about it too much on here. Besides, I now have somewhere else to discuss it….
  • Thanks to Sian, I’m now blogging about weddings for The Times online. The Times has a paywall (although it’s very cheap, around £2 a week!), so if you are subscribed you can see my posts in the Wedding Section.
  • I’m launching a 30 Day Freelancing Challenge with Nikki Pilkington soon. Nikki’s 30 day challenges come in book and email form, and they’re usually around £4-£8, depending on when you order them. You can follow the 30 Day Challenge guide on the Facebook  group.
  • Things at The Bag Lady, and Aigua Media in general, are busy but there are plenty of exciting things coming up. I love this company.
  • I’m going to be more involved with Dork Adore this year, coordinating our lovely team of writers as well as writing for them myself. If you have a geeky area of expertise, it’s probably on Dork Adore (and if it’s not, why not write about it?)
I’ve also been..
  • Reading Eat That Frog. I’m not usually one for motivational business books, but I adore this book. Its message is all about common sense – get the biggest, hardest job out of the way first thing (Eat That Frog) and everything afterwards will seem much easier. I’d really recommend giving it a read, or downloading the audiobook (my preferred method)
  • Learning French. By audiobook. Not entirely sure how much is sticking, but I’m hoping to go to Paris later this year to put it into practice.
  • Taking a day off every week. Might not sound like much, but I really struggle to switch off and then work myself into the ground. The combination of trying the Eat That Frog method and accepting I’m never going to get everything done seems to be helping me reach that goal though. And actually, I’m really enjoying time off, and feeling much better for it the rest of the week. Progress.
  • Researching an idea for a new website and ebook.
  • Inventing. I’m slightly addicted to Quirky, a site that helps people turn their ideas into a reality. You submit an idea (and pay $10) and they’ll put it to the community. If enough people like it, they’ll get their design team on it. So I’ve put forward my idea – a pair of shoes with an unscrewable or flip-in heel, so you can go from killer heel to comfy flat in seconds. Feel free to give it a vote or a comment!

Still here? Marvellous. Tell me what you’ve been up to so far in 2012.